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Nestled in the countryside of Quinte West, Goodwin Learning Centre is situated on 50 acres of natural landscape. We have playgrounds, a pool, a music and drama theatre, and technology workshop. We also have winding paths through beautiful gardens, nature trails, and a bridge spanned pond where many of our science lessons and nature discussions take place. Imagine your child needing rubber boots for Science class!

The demand for specialized learning programs focusing on multiple intelligences and the ever changing world around us has become more prevalent. We are a multiage private school that opened in September 2001. Our students of different ages and grade levels are purposefully placed in the same classrooms in order to experience both academic and social success.

Our students are a “community of learners” and this community is fostered through co-operative interactions between all of the students and teachers. There is more time for learning in our classrooms as competitiveness is reduced and emphasis is placed on our students’ individual and unique talents, abilities and learning styles. Our school prescribes the belief that all children CAN learn; however, all children will not learn the same thing, on the same day, or in the same way.

Stepping into our school will be like an adventure in learning. From the first moment you enter you will feel the love, the respect, the warmth and the peacefulness of our school family. Walls covered and lined with books remind you of the wealth of knowledge waiting for your children. You will see children actively engaged

in learning, which clearly demonstrates how unique our school is.

At Goodwin Learning Centre, it is our mission to ensure your child’s success, academically and socially. Our students learn to believe in their strengths and abilities, as well as to value the strengths and abilities of others.

A message that is regularly heard at G.L.C. is “Peace Begins With Me”. This quote is consistently reflected upon and integrated into all of our subject areas. The message of peace and the critical need to educate ourselves to learn to conserve and protect our environment is vital to our future.

Hightlights of GLC! Goodwin Learning Centre

We offer a positive and supportive environment in which your child can grow and be successful in their educational pursuits.
Thank you for your interest in our school.
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