Our Classroom Mission
Your child will be successful

• Every child has the right to reach his or her potential.
• All children are capable of growth and learning, given the conditions most appropriate for them.
• Children are our future, teachers and parents work together to empower each other to create and maintain the best environment possible for children.
• Clear expectations and consistent routines help to provide a safe, supportive, nurturing classroom and school.
• Evaluation needs to be an on-going process that incorporates many varied forms, including observation, checklists, student teacher conferences, process and final product, as well as standardized testing where appropriate.
• Children need a rich print environment where all children see themselves as readers and writers through a variety of literature and activities. Songs, poetry, stories, drama and art will instill both creativity and interest in all children.
• All children deserve to be valued and listened to. Everyone deserves the right to be heard.

Goodwin Learning Centre will fulfill your dreams of the best education for your child, as it will fulfill our dreams of providing one. We see all children with rich possibilities and unlimited potentials. We want all children to love learning, and to know that they are loved and accepted.