The Learning Environment

Students at Goodwin Learning Centre work in a variety of different academic settings including: large group, small group, and individual. A great deal of emphasis is placed on individual attention. Thus, all of our students receive intense one-to-one interaction with the teachers on a regular basis. The classroom at Goodwin Learning Centre is a structured environment; however, it allows freedom for each child within that structure. There are clear, consistent routines that have been established through both teacher instruction and student input. Risk-taking is encouraged in this supportive environment in order for our students to gain confidence in their abilities and challenge themselves to reach their individual potential. Students are also encouraged to take responsibility for both their social and academic behaviours. The students actively participate in the formulation of expectations for all aspects of their academic career. As a result of the small group setting, and the intense teacher support, immediate feedback is available for the students to ensure they are on task and receive encouragement for their accomplishments.

Positive Interaction

• Clear Expectations for Learning
• Clear Criteria for Assessment
• Immediate and Helpful Feedback
• Clear, Consistent Routines and Behavioural Expectations for Students
• *Good Friends* Attitude
• Discovery, Independence, and Responsibility
• Ownership of Work * Goal Setting

Community of Learners

• Multiple Intelligences Theory
• Learning *How* to Learn
• Life Long Learning
• Co-operative Learning

Purposeful Reading and Writing

Students read and write every day, and reading and writing is essential to learning in all curriculum areas
• Inspire Life-Long Love of Reading
• Meaningful Oral and Visual Communication
• Writing Process / Publishing

Positive Self-Image

• Anger Management
• Conflict Resolution
• Problem Solving
• Social Skills and Self Esteem


• Individual
• Small Group
• Large Group


• Scheduled Parent-Teacher Interviews
• Report Cards
• Ongoing Portfolio Development
• Student-Led Conferences
• Daily Parent-Teacher Communication
• Strengths, Targets, Plan of Action

Extensive, Consistently Updated School Library

• Picture Books
• Novels
• Informative Books
• Magazines
• Leveled Readers
• Audio Visual Sets with Books, CDs, Tapes, DVDs and Videos

Community Involvement

• Host Site for Student Teachers, Co-op Students, Student Educational Assistants and High School Volunteer Hours
• Attend High School Plays
• Regular Visits to the Public Library
• Participation in Royal Canadian Legion Remembrance Day Poems, Posters, and Essays and Speeches
• Visit Local Nursing Homes
• Participate Regularly in Community Clean-Ups
• Visit Schools to Spread Ideas of Peace, Tolerance and Acceptance
• Special Projects
• School Trips and Excursions
• Extracurricular Activities Offered Depending on Interest (Equestrian Program, Yoga, Bowling, etc.)

Physical Education

• Playground Equipment, Including 2 Age-Appropriate Climbers
• Half Court Basketball Court
• Beach Volleyball Court
• 50 acres of Natural Landscape
• Pool
• Trampoline
• Miniature Golf Holes
• Annual Trips to Local Arenas for Skating
• Participation in Active Charity Events Including "Terry Fox Run", "Jump Rope for Heart", and "Hoops for Heart"
• Equipment for Many Sports, Including: Basketball, Football, Soccer, Hockey, Volleyball, Badminton, Golf and More

Exciting Supports to the Science Curriculum Include

• Pond, and Wooded Nature Trails for Habitat Studies
• Consistent Opportunities to Study Plant and Insect Life in Our Gardens
• Opportunities to Practice Gardening Skills, and Learn About Life Cycles of Plants
• Vast Assortment of Classroom Pets from Many Different Species

Hands-on Learning

• Woodworking tools and materials
• Craft supplies and painting easels
• Sewing tools and supplies

Computer Skills

• Numerous computers
• Word processing and photo editing software
• Educational games
• Research tools and internet access (supervised)