Curriculum & Assessment

We, at Goodwin Learning Centre, follow the Ministry of Education's Ontario Curriculum; however, we concentrate on the learning skills directed to the different grade levels rather than the grade specific content. We base our content on subjects that are relevant to each of the students, as well as specific content that is essential to a well-rounded education. While we do not participate in externally conducted tests which evaluate the school's overall performance in comparison to others, language and skills which are included in these tests are reinforced daily during lessons and class discussions. When students leave Goodwin Learning Centre, the course of study will have prepared them with a level of education equivalent to their specified grade level in the public system as indicated on their Individual Education Plan.

At Goodwin Learning Centre the core subjects of reading, writing and mathematics are taught as independent subjects as well as integrated into all curriculum areas. Thus, assessment and evaluation of these core subjects are ongoing throughout the school year and recorded in a variety of different forms. Methods of assessment are both formative and summative.

Formative assessment tools include teacher observation records, interviews and conferences about activities and assignments, quizzes and the students' demonstration of their learning (hands on, performance assessment).

Summative evaluation tools include rubrics, which students follow in the completion of their projects, short answer questions presented in both oral and written form, end-of-unit tests and portfolios (ex. journal entries, self-evaluations, peer evaluations, samples of work completed).

While Goodwin Learning Centre does not participate in formal standardized tests at the Grade 3 and Grade 6 levels, the format of these assessment tools and the subject specific language that is utilized are used by the teachers in the presentation of topics and activities. The students are therefore, implementing the expectations issued in standardized tests on a daily basis, receiving both oral and written feedback on a regular basis, allowing them to learn from their mistakes and build on their strengths. Standardized tests which deal with spelling, vocabulary, and basic math facts are used informally to guide specific goals for each child (ex. Frontenac Basic Arithmetic, Dolch and Kottmeyer word lists, Slosson, etc.).

Progress of students is reported by the school to parents and legal guardians in daily oral and written communication. Formal, detailed reports based on the skills outlined by the Ontario Ministry of Education are sent home in November, March, and June. The March report is supported by a student-led conference in which the student invites his/her parent to the school and discusses his/her strengths, challenges, and progress following an agenda and using his/her portfolio to assist in the demonstration of his/her learning. As a result of this reporting style, parents and legal guardians have a clear understanding of their child's academic and social progress.
Goodwin Learning Centre offers a positive and supportive environment in which your child can grow and be successful in their educational pursuits.