Multiple Intelligences

"It has been found that when children have the opportunity to learn through their strengths, they become more successful at learning all subjects."

Howard Gardner has suggested in theory that there are a variety of different ways in which people learn. These ways are identified as intelligences. There are currently 7 different 'smarts' identified by Gardiner:

Verbal Intelligence: the intelligence of words (Word Smart)
Logical-Mathematical: the intelligence of numbers and reasoning (Number Smart)
Visual-Spatial: the intelligence of pictures and images (Picture Smart)
Musical: the intelligence of tone, rhythm and timbre (Music Smart)
Bodily-Kinesthetic: the intelligence of the whole body and the hand (Body Smart)
Interpersonal: the intelligence of social understanding (People Smart)
Intrapersonal: the intelligence of self-knowledge (Self Smart)

Proven Benefits in Use of Multiple Intelligences

• Students display increased independence, responsibility and self-direction
• Co-operative skills improve
• Leadership skills emerge
• Improved behaviour at home
• Positive attitudes regarding school

*Offutt, Dr. Elizabeth Rhodes. Multiple Intelligences. 1997.*