Character Education (Top Ten Employability Skills)

Character Education is a deliberate effort to cultivate positive personal attributes and civility among students. It is a whole-school effort to create a community in which positive attitudes, values and behaviours are fostered. These qualities are promoted explicitly, modeled, taught, expected, celebrated and continuously practiced in every day actions. In short, character education is the promotion of universally desirable qualities such as respect, responsibility, honesty and integrity.

What does Character Education Look Like in the Classroom?

Character education is interwoven through every aspect of school life, from how students and staff members greet one another, to how literature and social studies are discussed, to expectations in the conduct of sports. Each subject of study can deliver messages associated with character education in natural ways. For example: An English teacher may pay special attention to the character traits of a character in a novel or may point out such attributes as initiative, empathy and fairness in a poem. A Math teacher may stress the perseverance of those who have worked hard to improve. A Science teacher may stress the importance of being responsible as a member of a lab group. A History class may spend time examining issues of courage and perseverance if various cultural groups throughout history.

What are some Specific Goals of Character Education?

Using a continuous, system wide focus on positive character attributes as a part of the day-to-day life of the school, hopes to achieve the following:
• Improved interpersonal relationships among students, staff and families
• Continued focus on a safe learning environment
• Higher academic achievement
• Fewer behavioural issues
• Better preparation for real life situations
• Enhanced employment skills
• Promotion of taking responsibility for one's actions
• More fulfilling and enjoyable lives for students

What Character Attributes are Emphasized at Goodwin Learning Centre?

At G.L.C. we focus on the 'Top Ten Employability Skills'. A group of skills and attributes that have been proven to help people succeed in the job-market, as they are the top attributes employers are seeking.

These character attributes are:
• Respect
• Honesty
• Responsibility
• Empathy
• Fairness
• Initiative
• Perseverance
• Courage
• Integrity
• Optimism